Facebook Pixels, What the Hell Are They?


Facebook Pixels, What the Hell Are They?


I am sure anyone who has visited Facebook Ads recently will have seen a message come up about the improvement about to take place on its Pixel on May 20th. Specifically the message that says: “enhancements to the Facebook pixel: To improve ads delivery and reporting, the Facebook pixel will start sending additional event data, including button clicks and related page metadata. These changes will take effect May 20.”


But what the hell are Pixels I hear you ask. Basically they are a cookie which is used to track visitors on your website so that you can then target them through advertising at a later date. Ever visited a website and then found that ads for that website keep coming up on your Facebook page or on banner ads when you are visiting other websites-that’s basically pixels. In marketing speak it’s called ‘Retargeting’. If the consumer then comes back to your website through this retargeting Facebook Pixel can be used to track that customer’s behaviour which in essence helps you measure the effectiveness of your ad.

So what are the new changes all about? Well basically its good news for anyone using Facebook Pixel. The enhancements aim to improve ad deliverability and make them more relevant to the audiences seeing them by gathering information on consumer behaviour including what consumers are clicking on and how many are completing the consumer journey through the ‘Add to purchase’ clicks. This gathering of data will then improve the target audience who get to view your ad and the reporting around it.


Still abit in the dark about Pixels. Don’t worry-we will be doing up a complete guide on it in the next few weeks.

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