So you have a specific product or service to launch but don’t want to commit to an ongoing campaign? Don’t worry we have just the package for you. All our product or service launch campaigns are different and bespoke and can be tailored to your particular campaign’s needs.

The below is a taster of what you will get from our basic product launch package which starts at €450 per month with €150 of that being used for paid promotions.


A Comprehensive Strategy based around your Product or Service

This will also take into account your business’ overall marketing strategy, the marketing plan for that particular campaign and the audience you are looking to target. We will work closely with any in-house or outsourced marketing team you have employed to make sure that the strategy and content we will be delivering on your chosen platform is on brand and in keeping with your overall marketing plan.


Choosing the right platforms for your Campaign

It’s very easy to waste hours on a social platform with little or no visible return.  We aim to ensure that this does not happen and that you are using the right platform(s) to reach your target market. We won’t up sell you a platform that we feel won’t benefit your business. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to just post on one medium and to make that work really rather than post on multiple channels.


Creation of a Social Media Profile or the Conversion of a Current Platform for the Campaign 

For your campaign we will either set up a new Social Media Page or use an existing one. All information and content posted on the page will relate solely to your new product/campaign. The look and tone of the page will be carefully curated so that it matches the tone of your product or Service


Sourcing, Curating and Creation of Content

As well as sourcing engaging content for your page we will create content that can be used to promote the service/product you wish to launch via Paid Ads. Professional Videos and Photographs of your Product will be utilised in any Paid for promotions. These services can also be arranged if not already in place.


Media Spend

Unfortunately the days of “Free” marketing on social media are coming to an end. This is particularly true on Facebook with it increasingly becoming a paid for platform. If you wish to utilise Facebook’s massive audience and its impressive targeting tools then this will come at a cost.

This is why for single product or service launches we have an increased media spend of €150 for “Paid for Ads”. We will create the ad(s), working with any in-house or outsourced marketing team you may have employed, select your target your audience and monitor it for you. The results of this will be presented in a weekly review documentation.




Prepare a Comprehensive Content Calendar

Based on sign off from the strategy. This includes the type of content we will curate and create in order to promote this campaign including all paid promotional posts. While the campaign may be short and targeted it’s still important that content created engages your audience. There may be more emphasis on the promotion of a particular product or service but this does not mean that non-promotional content should be ignored. Sometimes the soft promotion of a brand can be a lot more successful than full on promotional posts. For that reason it’s important to have a mix of promotional and soft promotional content so as to ensure engagement from followers.


Facebook Pixel

A piece of code which is installed on your website and which tracks consumers who have visited. It collects information on what pages they have interacted and then allows you to target them with specific ads via facebook. Only applicable if you have a website for the product / service.



At the end of each week of the drive we will carry out a comprehensive review of the previous week’s campaign looking at what adverts worked and engaged users. With changing algorithms on the different platforms it’s important to look and be flexible around strategies. At the end of the overall campaign we will compile a comprehensive analysis of the success of the promotion. As the client you will receive a report based on your pages and adverts performance for the campaign. This will include the reach and engagement with the campaign. Any suggestions or changes from the client during the campaign can easily be incorporated going forward.


Dedicated Account Manager

You will have your own account manager who will liaise with you on all aspects of your campaign. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your campaign they will be on hand to answer all your questions. They will also be logged into your account (from early morning to late evening) so that any messages or notifications received are seen and dealt with immediately.For those times that they are not available immediately a notification will be set up so that the consumer is notified of the short delay and that the query will be dealt with in a timely manner.  Where we can’t address a specific question we will contact you immediately requesting further clarification on the information sought. The consumer will also be contacted advising them that their query is being looked at and that we will get back to them as soon as possible.

Any complaints or bad reviews received on your page will be dealt with immediately in a professional but friendly manner so as to minimize any damage to your brand image.


Boutique Business.

We are a small business and are passionate about what we do. Because we are small we offer all our clients a very personal service and pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs. We will liaise with you on all areas of your campaign and are available to take calls and answer emails at all times. We will work with you as much or as little as you wish. With the weekly and analytics reports it is very easy to see the progress of your page and the results it is garnering.


Additional Services which can be arranged.

  • Professional Photography Services
  • Professional Video Shoots
  • Website Creation

All packages can be tailored to your business’ particular needs and no business is too big or too small for us to Handle. Get in touch today.