As a business owner you’re pulled in many different directions every day. Running a business is the work of a multi-tasker extraordinaire! Or maybe you have delegated social media to a staff member who juggles several different jobs and can’t dedicate the time needed to maintain and grow your social media presence.

After all there are 3 main ingredients to any social campaign – Persistence, Patience and Consistency which is hard to keep up at the best of times nevermind when you have multiple roles to fulfill.


Handle My Social plugs this gap by providing a dedicated team to manage your social media platforms for you on a daily basis. Providing structure in the form of a comprehensive social strategy & knowledge by keeping on top of changing trends & platform policies.

So what exactly do you get when you sign up with Handle My Social? Below is a list of what comes with the monthly cost of €250 across one Platform. We also tailor packages and accommodate one off short term campaigns.


A Fully Comprehensive Strategy

Based on your business goals and the market you are targeting on Social Media. This will also take into account your business’ overall marketing strategy and we will work closely with any in-house or outsourced marketing team you have employed to make sure that the strategy and content we will be delivering on your chosen platform is on brand and in keeping with your overall marketing plan.


Choosing The Right Platforms For Your Business

It’s very easy to waste hours on a social platform with little or no visible return.  We aim to ensure that this does not happen to your business and that you are using the right platform(s) to reach your target market. We won’t upsell you a platform that we feel won’t benefit your business. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to just post on one medium and to make that work rather than posting on multiple channels.

In the fast paced and ever changing world of social media we monitor any changes and trends on the platform you are using and will advise you if we think that a change in strategy or platform would benefit your account.


A Monthly Content Calender

Based on sign off from the strategy. This includes the type of content we will curate and create in order to grow and maintain current followers and to increase the reach of your posts and subsequently the reach of your brand name across the chosen social platform. This will also include all promotional posts. Remember content must be funny and informative. If you are just pushing products on the platform more than likely followers will grow tired of your page very quickly. For that reason its important to have a mix of promotional and non-promotional content. A new content calendar is created each month based on the results from the previous month


Sourcing/Curating Content For Your Platform

Taking into account your target market we source content that is funny, informative, topical and relevant to your product and service and which we feel will garner interest and interaction while remaining on brand.


Content Creation

As part of your package we will shoot one 20 second video per month based on a product/service of your choice for the first three months. After this videos will be available on request at an additional cost and based on length and production.

As well as video we will create images, infographics & information posts all based on a combination of the information you supply and information available on your business and product which we believe will engage customers and promote your brand image positively.



We’ve created the content now it’s time to get it to your audience. Social Media is not 9pm to 5pm and therefore we aim to get your content out at a time when the biggest audience will be reached. While we don’t usually post at the weekends if we feel that it would be beneficial for your account then this something which can be accommodated.


Number of Posts

While it’s important to maintain your page and keep it active there can be a thin line between posting out useful and informative content and spamming followers. If A users feed is being clogged up with your posts chances are they will unlike you. We find that a maximum of 1-2 posts a day works best for most accounts.


Monthly Review

Every month we will carry out a comprehensive review of the previous month’s campaign looking at what content worked and engaged followers. With ever changing algorithms on all platforms it’s important to review and change up strategies. With this monthly review we aim to improve the account’s performance and to grow followers on a month by month basis. As the client you will receive a report based on your pages performance for that month. This will include the pages reach and follower engagement and any other metrics laid out in the strategy document.


Customer Service

We aim to have someone logged onto your account at all times so that if any messages or notifications are received that they are dealt with immediately. For those times that someone is not available immediately a notification will be set up so that the consumer is notified of the short delay and that the query will be dealt with in a timely manner.  Where we can’t address a specific question we will contact you immediately requesting further clarification on the information sought. The consumer will also be contacted advising them that their query is being looked at and that we will get back to them as soon as possible.

Any complaints or bad reviews received on your page will be dealt with immediately in a professional but friendly manner so as to minimize any damage to your brand image.


Paid for Ads

Unfortunately the days of “Free” marketing on social media is coming to an end. This is particularly true on Facebook with it increasingly becoming a paid for platform. With Facebook’s ever changing and confusing algorithms it can be very hard to maintain your posts reach without putting a budget behind at least some of the posts . The budget however does not need to be huge. With your package we allocate a  €50 media spend per month.  This allows you to pick a product/service or number of products and services that you would like to promote to a wider audience than just your followers for that month. We will create the ad, select your target audience and monitor it for you. The results of this will be presented in the Monthly Review documentation. This is the minimum amount, we can increase the ad spend as we go based on results. 



Competitions can be a great way to grow your user base and to give something back to existing followers. It can also introduce your brand to new users as your brand name is shared on followers pages as part of the competition. However some platforms can be quite strict about what’s allowed and what’s not when it comes to competitions. We will make sure that your competition is run so that is stays within the rules while also reaching a maximum audience.

If you wish to use the competition to grow your email marketing database this can be done with the use of applications. Some of these apps may cost an additional charge but we will source the best value and most reliable ones for you and integrate this app into your campaign.


Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to answer your questions or queries and who will be intimately knowledgeable about your business and the aims laid out in your social media strategy, so they can assist you in a timely and comprehensive manner.


Boutique Business

And lastly we’re a small business and are passionate about what we do. Because of our size we offer all our clients a very personal service and pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs. We will liaise with you on all areas of your campaign and are available to take calls and answer emails at all times. We will work with you as much or as little as you wish. With the monthly Content Calendars and analytics reports it is very easy to see the progress of your page and the results it is garnering.


So if you’re looking for a dedicated team to take the headache out of your social media efforts while leaving you to focus on the core essentials of your business, then drop us a line!