Yes, There Have Been Changes. But Don’t Give Up on Facebook Just Yet!


So you decided to set up a business page. You created it, got lots of new followers and your posts reached a wide audience with plenty of interaction and comments. But lately that reach has fallen off the cliff. Days can go by without anyone commenting or liking on the content that once garnered lots of attention. You read up on it and find out about facebook’s new dreaded Algorithm’s and the fact that the platform appears to have moved from a free model to one which is increasingly demanding more and more payment in order for your posts to be seen. You think ‘Enough. I don’t need Facebook anymore. Its not worth the money and time for the little return.”

But is it really the smartest move to give up on one of the most targeted, powerful and affordable advertising platforms in the marketing world?  With over 1.86 billion active users as of October 2016 and people spending up to 25% of their day on social platforms as opposed to any other marketing medium(i.e. print and TV), it would be foolish to abandon it especially when you think of the targeting potential it holds. For example with Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting, you can place a tracking code on your website which enables you to re-target the website visitors with ads. You also have the option to target your email subscribers which in itself can offer a world of opportunity. Ultimately if you know who you want to target then you can do so with the confidence that your ad will reach the exact audience for your product or service.



Facebook is a great way of letting an audience know more about your brand and its etos – something a website is limited in doing. Big companies pay millions to maintain a certain brand image but facebook allows you to do this for free and to communicate it in an informal and less pushy way with your customers. Sure they might not buy anything from you today or tomorrow but if your page is active and full of positive and interesting content your brand image will stay with them and when the time comes to purchase what your industry sells then your name will be high on their list. Even if your budget is limited, neglecting facebook means you are losing out on an opportunity to communicate with your customers.

Let’s say because of the ever changing algorithms you are only reaching 20% of your audience with un-paid posts. That is still 20% more people who are aware of your brand and are interested in your business. If you have only 1000 followers 200 people are still seeing your name, your products, your brand image.

Do you really want to neglect them? Is that really a good business move to stop communicating with them in these days where more and more of our lives are lived in the digital world?

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